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An expectant father or partner of a pregnant woman has the right to take time off work to go to two antenatal appointments.

This time off is usually unpaid and is limited to six and a half hours per appointment.

Pregnant employees are entitled to 52 weeks Statutory Maternity Leave if they give the correct notice to the employer.

Employees don't have to take 52 weeks if they don't want to.

The woman's partner will be able to receive any paternity leave and pay they qualify for if their baby is stillborn after 24 weeks or is born alive but dies after birth.

For advice regarding Shared Parental Leave, see the section, Death of the child before or during birth, or within the first year, in the Acas guide, Shared Parental Leave: a good practice guide for employers and employees [538kb].

If the employee wants to change the start date of their maternity leave, they must give the employer 28 days notice, or mutually agree a new date.

After receiving confirmation that the employee is pregnant, an employer must write to them within 28 days setting out her return date.

After the first appointment, an employer may ask an employee to provide an appointment card or other documents that show an appointment has been made.

The employer at this point should assume the employee is going to take 52 weeks' leave.

If, in the four weeks before baby is due, the employee is off work with a pregnancy-related illness, maternity leave automatically begins on the following day.

The following 33 weeks will be paid at the SMP rate or 90 per cent of the average weekly earnings whichever is the lower.

April 2019, the rate will increase to £148.68 per week.

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