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But he [Reitman] wanted me for the cunty girlfriend who the main character dates before he realizes what love really can be.

And I told him, “I can’t play those parts anymore, they’re killing my soul. But I was just so disappointed in him for saying that.

(1999, UPN) Jon Favreau wrote and directed this UPN comedy pilot, which starred Sarah Silverman as one of four L. yuppies and was called one of the best unsold pilots of the year by multiple sources.

Silverman swore off playing girlfriend parts years ago, but the magician’s assistant angle seems like it would add an extra element to the role and a comedy starring Steve Carell and Jim Carrey is a much bigger deal than one starring the clerks from was a “one-woman show,” despite using eight other actors besides Silverman, and followed “the day-to-day lives of a twentysomething woman and her buddies.” Bob Odenkirk, Doug Benson, and Laura Kightlinger originally starred in the stage version.

Silverman found the show wasn’t to her liking and left after one season, like many talented comedians before (Harry Shearer, Larry David, Ben Stiller) and after her (Chris Elliott, Rob Riggle, Casey Wilson).

Despite the unsuccessful debut on , a Comedy Central show she starred in and created with Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab.

Her turns as Mike White’s overbearing significant other in serve as the two most notable examples.

Starting to reject parts like this was a turning point in Silverman’s career.

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