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The Cornell Lab used the Int Cal09 calibration curve to translate the raw C data of the conifer samples to calendar dates.The results support the reliability of Int Cal09 over the range of dates tested.Suitable for dating sediments up to c.45Ka old as long as they contain suitable biogenic material (molluscs, microfossils, wood).Non-marine as well as marine and terrestrial sediments can be dated using this method.In the course of the experiment, however, questions arose regarding the pretreatment of the conifer samples.

Careful sample preparation by Strata Data is matched by the world class analysis by Beta Analytic Inc.Each sample is prepared in the same way as for a micropalaeontological analysis.Suitable specimens are selected by picking through the residue.Tree ring dating has been used to construct a probabilistic calibration curve extending back to 11857 calendar years BP (see figure below).This method is not without its own inaccuracies and has limited precision, but it does provide dates in terms of calendar years.

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Because of the small size of most industrial samples the Accerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) method is used.

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