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For example you are running an AGI script and would like to be able to related AGI data with the CDR table.The problem is that the AGI script will lose connection to the call as soon as the caller hangs up, so you’ll need a way to find the correct cdr entry (that’ll also be created only after the call has been completed). The uniqueid field is not guaranteed to be unique across the different CDR entries, even though the name suggests exactly that.Then edit your to load cdr_addon_and finally restart asterisk; before the restart you should, however, check that your cdr table has been created correctly and is accessible to the username and password you specified.

Hint: Copy and paste this SQL command into a text file, save it under an appropriate name, then execute the following command: mysql –user=username –password=password databasename Q: It would appear that the “uniqueid” field is not being populated in the My SQL CDR DB. A: You need to define MYSQL_LOGUNIQUEID at compile time for it to use that field. Call Log New Green Unit is not null --select * from #Call Log select ccl. Contract Status Identifier as Contract Status, ccl. I feel something from the SQL query which s not getting supported in SSRS. Contract Call Log OID = 57131879 --> TEST CASE ' set @code = replace(@code, '@start', '''' convert(varchar, convert(date, @start, 101)) '''') set @code = replace(@code, '@end', '''' convert(varchar, convert(date, dateadd(day, 1, @end), 101)) '''') set @code = concat('insert into ', @Table Name, ' select * from openquery (', @Sever Name, ', ''' , replace(@code, '''', '''''') , ''')') print @code exec(@code) -- select * from #Call Log where Contract Call Log OID = 57707501 -- some call log have multiple process queues, delete the process queues that don't is not modifying the geo units delete a from #Call Log as a inner join #Call Log as b on a.

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