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Prosecution statements and briefs are also in both languages but unbound, as are the final pleas of the defendants delivered by counsel or defendants and sub¬ mitted by the attorneys to the court. In the first instance the German explosives industry, dependent on Farben for synthet¬ ically produced nitrates, soon became subsidiaries of Farben.Unbound prosecution exhibits, numbered 1-22-2354, are essentially those documents from various Nuernberg record series, particularly the NI (Nuernberg Industrialist) Series, and other sources offered in evidence by the prosecution in this case. Of particular interest to the prosecution in this case were the various agreements Farben made with American companies for the exchange of information and patents and the licensing of chemical discoveries for foreign production.Reykjavíkurtjörnin is a small lake located in downtown Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital, next to Reykjavík City Hall and the National Gallery of Iceland.

55 and 56 THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS SERVICE GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION WASHINGTON: 1976 INTRODUCTION On the 113 rolls of this microfilm publication are reproduced the records of Case VI, United States of America v. Also included are minute books, the official court file, order and judgment books, clemency petitions, and finding aids to the documents. In 1925 the Badische Anilin 6 Soda Fabrik, largest of the firms and already the majority shareholder in two of the other seven com¬ panies, led in reorganizing the industry to meet the changed circumstances of competition in the post-World War markets by changing its name to the I. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft, moving its home office from Ludwigshafen to Frankfurt, and merging with the remaining five firms.The unique, all-brick comedy club was opened in 2003 by Utah-based comedian Keith Stubbs and seats 250.Wiseguys Ogden has quickly caught on as the place to see great, high-quality stand-up comedy.I'm just going through life and enjoying every minute of it.I love my job even though it takes up most of my time.

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