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I didn’t respond, hoping she would get the hint (she didn’t). I started to wonder why I kept running into people like these. After years of exploring topics of discrimination and the experiences of Asians living in the west, I’ve come to realize that regardless of where I was or how I presented myself, I’d inevitably encounter people who hold racist biases against Asians while disguising themselves as allies.One of the most common attempts at camouflaging just so happens to be dating an Asian person.While there are many white partners of Asians who don’t fetishize or demean their significant other, there is a very vocal community of those who do — whether it’s a man trying to play white savior while demonizing Asian men, or a woman fetishizing her Asian husband while demonizing Asian women.I believe they are largely emboldened to express these views because they are able to hide behind their romantic partners.But of course, the taxi driver was not alone in assuming this status.Two years ago, I was at a small house gathering in college when I decided to step out for some fresh air.

Right between the two most acclaimed real estate redevelopments in Milan, Vertical Forest and City Life, stands a string of tiny shops where Italians go for street food, coffee and ice cream. "Don't underestimate Milan," she stresses to DW in her strong Milanese accent, when faced with puzzlement.

“I can’t be racist, I’m dating/married to an Asian!

” Let’s be clear, being racist and dating a person of color are not two mutually exclusive things.

Negative stereotyping, lack of positive representation, a lifetime of systematic and individual racism – these are things you can only experience as a POC.

This may appear divisive to outsiders but these discussions on race are essential for better understanding to prevent such discrimination in the future, and for Asian Americans, we are able to find comfort in sharing our stories with each other.

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With that said, it’s important to understand that dating an Asian person does not automatically give you a free pass to make insensitive comments or grant you the authority to speak on issues facing minority ethnic communities.

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