Commercial sex dating sites

During the search police located evidence consistent with the victim’s statements.

Police arrested Hillard as a result of the search warrant.

Around the globe, more than 40.3 million people are victims of human trafficking.

While slavery is illegal in the United States, criminals still kidnap and traffic victims within the country.

She also noticed numerous dating apps had been added to her phone.

The victim searched through the messages on the apps.

According to reports, the victim met Hillard through a dating app called SKOUT.

Earlier this year a law passed that holds apps and websites liable if victims are trafficked using their platforms.

When the victim arrived, she told the police the two drank alcohol and smoked marijuana. However, the situation turned dark after they finished having sex.

Hillard admitted to the victim he recently completed a jail sentence. After the confession, the victim became scared and asked to leave.

After a few stops, the victim fled out of the car and ran down an alley.

She called a for a Lyft of her own and sought help from police.

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Thankfully, the woman escaped and sought help from police.

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