Custom textbox validating user input in

Since validation controls make a developer’s life a lot easier.

So, validation and Web controls make an outstanding combination for building smart forms.

That is done by setting Validation Type property as shown in image below: These properties allow you to define 3 level validation for each control.

if the user inputted text range is not between 6-12 then validation fails and the browser shows a validation error message. I knew it was getting called, but the postback still never occurred. That’s because I had a second user control on the page.

But since the validator was in the popup (which of course, was not currently popped up).

So, I didn’t see the error message that was trying to tell me there was a problem.

Client-side validation is good but we have to be dependent on browser and scripting language support.

Client-side validation is considered convenient for users as they get instant feedback. When a user submits data to our server through a web form we must check for various conditions, e.g We will use client-side validation and server-side validation.

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