Dating a guy who already has a girlfriend atomicdating com

So basically, he just loves himself and is incapable of loving anyone else.

Chances are, his girlfriend will forgive him or he'll end up leaving you both to go find someone new.

When he tells you he has to skip out early because he has plans with his significant other, it will probably hurt.

You’ll probably find yourself asking what you could do to come out as the winner in his eyes, but it’s just a waste of your time. Homeboy is just messed up and using you to feed his own self-confidence. He will treat you like a sideshow in his screwed up life.

Not only does a taken heart not deserve a piece of yours, but a taken heart is taken for a reason.

But, for all other cases, here are five reasons why you should never consider going after a guy who's in a relationship: Disclaimer: The message contains teenage angst.

They say that we’re always wanting the things we can’t have.

At the same time, we’re also told to go after what we want and not to let anything ever stop us. You could say the devil's on one side and the angel is on the other.

Or maybe, along the road, you’ll lose respect for yourself for even getting into such a toxic relationship.In college, you see people go through all kinds of relationships, and watching these people has taught me a lot.It has inspired me to try to understand relationships on a deeper level.And, we all know it's a little (or a lot) more fun to play with the devil. Even when that devil in disguise comes toward you with love and open arms and gives you the time of day, run far, far away.But, when it comes to falling for a guy who you can’t have because someone else already has him, what do you do? In the rare case that you’re 100 percent positive that the taken heart will genuinely be yours in the end, say screw it.

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Chances are, he’ll know how to manipulate his significant other into believing that it was never anything anyway.

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