Dating a pianist

from a loud, broken-down tour bus because that was the only time I could call. There might be days when the only time we talk is when I call you at 2 a.m. Contrary to popular belief, I have never met a musician who didn’t know how to dress.As long as he owns a pair of well-fitting jeans and a leather jacket, we’re in business.

But there was something so very romantic, and cool, of course, too, about being in a relationship with a musician.It was one thing to have dated musicians, photographers, and painters all through my 20s, but to actually marry a struggling artist was a completely different thing.(My parents seem to have had forgotten that I’m a freelance writer and not exactly without my own artistic struggles, financial and otherwise.)Still, my choice wasn't a shock — musicians have always been my type.Yes, there are some downsides to dating a musician, but why harp on those?Instead, here at 37 reasons why dating a musician is really the best.

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Also, I’ve yet to meet a drummer who didn’t rock a five o’clock shadow with serious swag. Lugging his guitar from Bushwick, Brooklyn, to the Upper West Side is a workout in itself.

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