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Dinah has a very mercenary attitude, happy to take money from pretty much anybody.She’s mercenary enough, even, to help the Antichrist murder a bunch of witches.But she doesn’t appear to be on his side after the apocalypse — though she declares also that she won’t take the witches’ side either.So, does Cordelia know that Dinah helped Michael murder all her girls? And if she’s not allied with the witches, then how did she get into Outpost 3 under an identity spell?The obvious solution to this whole thing is that Mallory will go back in time and prevent the apocalypse from ever happening — and also, consequently, save those witches that Michael and Mead murdered this week.But that seems a little bit too straightforward and predictable for “AHS,” which is typically all about pulling twists on you repeatedly until the last possible moment.Still, even with all this major plot movement, it’s hard to believe Ryan Murphy and co.can really bring this crazy story to a close in Wednesday’s finale.

They had to be picking a specific event that if Mallory changed would transform the world for the better, right?Presumably, as they will try out her time travel ability every once in a while to see if her brain has developed the capacity to do what needs to be done — would they just have her keep trying to save Anastasia Romanov or would they try other things? And speaking of that — why were they trying to save Anastasia in the first place?When they send Mallory back for her first time-traveling trip, it’s to rescue the infamous Russian royal family’s daughter.And so there has to be some other element to this, some other thing that Mallory is going to have to do.If multiple years pass between the events of this week’s episode and the nuclear apocalypse, that’s a lot of time for Mallory to test her powers.

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They obviously manage to infiltrate Outpost 3 somehow, but otherwise were they just waiting for Mallory’s brain to be able to do her time travel trick?

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