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Having live chickens present at the ceremony is an age-old practice that still occurs.And after the celebrating, newlyweds are to return to work the following day.The North Korean exile tells The Guardian he met girls at social clubs, which were large events hosted for the masses during holidays.It was here where young men and women would dress up in hopes of meeting other singles. S., it’s common to see young college couples holding hands and showing plenty of public displays of affection.The concept of a honeymoon or partying beyond the one day of the wedding is a foreign idea.While ordinary citizens are required to keep any public displays of affection under wraps, it seems the same rules do not apply to the rich and powerful.And there’s a reason most women in the country marry between the ages of 21 and 24.In North Korea, where employment is required for all citizens, married women are actually exempt from mandatory work.

Because campus rules are so strict, many students leave school grounds with their dates and hang out elsewhere.While the highly-conservative moms and dads still exist, most are accepting of this new practice.When it comes to choosing the perfect man, though, there’s still some competition involved amongst the women.It turns out dating in North Korea is most likely quite different than anything you’ve experienced.Here’s what it’s like to seek out romance while under Kim Jong Un’s rule.

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