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And that loop only intensifies as you swipe past even more options for potential suitors, which can lead to increased regret in your love life. We’ve taken these marvelous trinkets and fully integrated them into our lives without much thought.

But will the i Phone one day carry a Surgeon General’s warning like cigarettes do now?

But attention is not entirely a statement of choice.

A peculiar thing happened when the time came to present the coupon and purchase a selected jam.

The symptoms include a permanent headache and severe tenderness of the scalp.

Or maybe he eats his peas one at a time, and you just can’t imagine spending your life with someone who does that!

This constant nitpicking leads to a disquieted discontentment wondering what might have been. Your mind polishes the possibilities of those new options and you hold that against the reality of your choice. We have yet to fully grasp the effects that rapidly advancing technology has on humanity.

Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile contact.

This is a deeper condition than just being bored in the doctor’s waiting room.

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