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There are some wow moments thanks to those, and they made the experience enjoyable even if it wasn’t heartwarming.

The most heartwarming thing was actually walking down Hollywood Boulevard under the new garland and the falling snow.

About the only scene that had me feeling warm inside was the couples/romance scene, but even that sequence was only so-so.

Usually, whatever plot exists is a rough framework to segue between various montage scenes, and I think the plot here did a satisfactory job of that. (It also seems they chose about the worst possible rendition of every song in the show.) Others with whom I spoke lamented the lack of actual in this show, but I wasn’t surprised or upset by that.It wouldn’t be nostalgia simply for nostalgia’s sake, but a mix of nostalgia and substantive quality.Not only were there no Osborne Lights tributes, there was little at all in Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! The show features Lanny and Wayne in search of Santa, and that quest provides an opportunity to show a few montage scenes from Disney animated classics, a la World of Color – Season of Light. is at its best when focusing on these montages, but most of them feel far too short and disjointed.The #1 spot on that is still #1, but the middle of #4 is also excellent.We were in the red area in front of that last night (to avoid the crowds) and found this to be a halfway decent spot.

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