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Vani Mandava is a Director of Data Science at Microsoft Research at Redmond with over a decade of experience in engineering teams designing and shipping software that in use by millions of users across the world.She is passionate about enabling academic researchers and institutions develop technologies that fuel data-intensive scientific research using advanced techniques in data management, data mining, especially leveraging Microsoft cloud and AI platform.Nevertheless, it suggests that the methodology of collective biography might engender more sustainable and ethical ways of being in academic workplaces because it provides the resources to begin to create a new collective imaginary of academia.Critical writing about transculturation has a long history in Latin American studies, and more recently the concept has been used to analyse the effects of globalization.The apparent marginalization of feminist and feminine ways of being, thinking, and feeling in academia is examined through close readings of three narrative vignettes, which are based on memories of the everyday academic spaces of meetings, workshops, and mentoring.These stories explore moments of the breaking of ties among women and between men and women, as well as document how feminist relationalities can bind and exclude.Instead, I want to use the archive to build a scenario where Loycurrie and Noorywauka used the space and time of the exhibition as a moment of exchange, negotiation, and self-representation.

She is interested to supervise HDR projects on design/visual/material culture and: civic ecologies, urban greening and environmental stewardship; urban activism; transculturation.This article deploys a collective biographical methodology as a political and epistemological intervention in order to explore the emotional and affective politics of academic work for women in neoliberal universities.The managerial practices of contemporary universities tend to elevate disembodied reason over emotion; to repress, commodify, or co-opt emotional and affective labor; to increase individualization and competition among academic workers; and to disregard the relational work that the article suggests is essential for well-being at work.She leads Microsoft Research Outreach efforts at Data Science Institutions in US universities.She co-chaired KDD Cup 2013 and partners with many academic and government agencies including NSF supported Big Data Innovation hub effort, a consortia coordinated by top US data scientists and expected to advance data-driven innovation nationally in the US.

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It does so by reading the archive of letters and newspaper cuttings against the grain, paying attention to the tone, moods, inflections, silences in between the lines, humorous anecdotes, and hyperbole, as a reversal of the official narratives chronicled by words.

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