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When you Open Recordset() on a query or attached table, Access defaults to a Dynaset type (db Open Dynaset).When you Open Recordset() on a local table, it defaults to a Table type (db Open Table.) The Table type has different methods (e.g.The demo application we create here will hopefully demonstrate database-oriented application skills and get you started with Room.

DAO is the native Access library (what Access itself uses), whereas ADO is a more generic library (now superseded by the vastly different ADO.NET library.) Different versions of Access default to different libraries.See Solving Problems with Library References for details. To ensure your code works reliably: There are different types of DAO recordset, with different methods.This has drawbacks: These issues are quite common in Q&A forums, which is likely why popular No-SQL databases like Realm, Green DAO and Room came along.Room is a persistent library that abstract away the most of the SQLite code using annotations.

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