Double happiness dating

The film stars Sandra Oh as Jade Li, an actress struggling to assert her independence from the expectations of her Chinese Canadian family.

Callum Keith Rennie also stars as Mark, Jade's love interest.

But Jade, beyond wanting to be an actress, wishes her family had more western sensibilities.

She is attracted to a slightly awkward but persistent Caucasian English graduate student named Mark.

Well, the love and life part should be simple enough. The symbol means 'double happiness' and is made of two single happiness characters which have been joined together.

Love, because our love for each other has made the rest of this possible! This Chinese character "Double Happiness" is a very important symbol in the Chinese culture.

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Because of its instability, Jade's parents don't understand or widely publicize Jade's aspirations to be an actress.

Her life complicates when she meets a sweet English major named Mark, played by Callum Keith Rennie, a hidden treasure of an actor; the scenes between Jade and Mark dynamically reflect the most uncertain nature in love, an uncertainty which often makes love all the more worth fighting for.

Yet, there is a subtlety in the way writer/director Mina Shum presents Jade's nervous breakdown of a life, a subtlety which craftily creates the effect of slowly drawing the viewer into the spiralling life of Jade.

When mentioned about the audiences wished Charlene to become movie queen in Hong Kong Film Award (金像獎), Charlene replied she loved her acting job in Hong Kong: “I grow up here and every places gives me many memories.

I will be staying in Hong Kong for another few more years.”Many audiences praised Charlene’s acting skills had improved and her good friends also gave her positive comments.

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