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It's been roughly 40 years since Elvis Presley's death, so you'd think everybody would know everything about the King by now: his loved his mama, he loved weird food, he died on the toilet, and as an aside, sang some of the greatest songs of all time.But there's a lot more about Elvis that often goes unreported, and much of casts him in a less-than-flattering light. Nobody sees Elvis as a Dylan-esque songwriting genius, but you'd be shocked to know he literally wrote nothing.Presley had a special arrangement with music publishers, but when he wanted to record a song by an outsider, Parker would demand a third of songwriter royalties for his client. Colonel Tom Parker made sure of that," songwriter David Hess told "To have a potential No.1 hit staring you in the face made the pain of getting screwed a little less painful." For example, Presley is a listed contributor to "Don't Be Cruel" of which he didn't write a word or a note. The soundtrack album sold 12 million copies, providing a nice payday for the country legend. And this is the stuff I'm leaving for my family, when I'm dead and gone,'" Parton told the Elvis loved shooting things almost as much as Elmer Fudd did.She said she had been in constant contact with Klein and Presley’s other close friends, including Jerry Schilling and Marian Justice Cocke, while Klein was ill.Klein met Elvis Presley in 1948 at Humes High School in Memphis and they were close friends until the rock ‘n’ roll icon died in 1977.He wrapped it in a towel and gingerly gave it to Elvis, who nonchalantly responded with his classic catchphrase: "Thank you very much." As just about everybody knows, it's illegal to impersonate a cop outside of costume parties.It's DEFINITELY illegal to pull people over and pretend to give out tickets. He loved the police and law enforcement, but was too busy being a rock star to become an actual cop (either that, or he was simply unwilling to give up peanut butter and nanner sandwiches to properly train).

Priscilla Presley said her former husband liked Klein’s outgoing personality, his loyalty, and his sense of humor.Oh, the things you could get away with before the Internet.The reason Presley has any songwriting credits at all is because of business-side strong-arming by his notorious manager, Colonel Tom Parker.“He has been an unbelievable ambassador for the city, for Graceland, for Elvis Presley and his family,” Calipari wrote. Priscilla Presley said she has thought about that, and calls it “a reality check.” “It hits home,” she said.In recent years, several friends of Elvis Presley -- Scotty Moore, Red West, D. “He’s the last of our history, in many ways.” Funeral arrangements have not been released.

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