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Basically I don't easily ship them just because they are my bias which they are really not (taengsic and henry is my bias) but more to themselves that make me ship them HARD.

Also: S407 (David Pancza), Izitsa Starosloviencina A (1995, old Slavonic), bwgrkl (1994, Michael S.

Plus some commercial medieval fonts: HPS Vatikan-Initialen (caps font, 38 Euro), HPS Antiphonale (caps, 28 Euro), Solesmes (caps, 48 Euro), HPS Garamond (medieval text font family in Normal, Kursiv, Fett and Fett-Kursiv).

The Post Script names are Figured Bass Computer Modern, Figured Bass Computer Modern Sans, and Figured Bass Palatino.

[ The following fonts can be downloaded at this Slovak site of the Byzantine catholic church in Slovakia: the music fonts Juhasevic (2006, David Pancza), Lviv (2006, David Pancza), Lvov (2006, David Pancza), Manjava (2006, David Pancza), and the Olsavica family (also 2006, David Pancza).

The metafont contains the Jesus Christ symbol, Greek Capital Letters, and music symbols.

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