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You'll want the one in Bohan to pick Carmen up with. Taking her to a bar is a surefire way to get into Carmen's good graces with a minimum of effort.

Of course, after hitting the hooch you'll need to wait a while until you sober up or take a taxi.

On top of that, his gambling addiction has caused him to take out loans from Albanian Gangsters and The Mafiya, placing him in nigh-inescapable debt.

Determined to help out his cousin, and hoping to investigate a lead regarding the traitor, Niko is forced to delve back into his past life of violence to survive.

Of course, this was a major flashpoint in the Console Wars.

While has successfully been at the frontline of open-world gameplay, they've also set the standard for what is considered appropriate content in an M-rated game.Wear one to the first date, then switch to a different one for the second date lest you appear like a "Blues Brother".Whatever you do, try not to wear your off-the-boat scrubs to a date with Carmen. This is a nice luxury car that works well for nearly all the women you can date.And then they've crossed that line, time and time again.Let’s take a look at the series’ most controversial moments to date. perfectly tiptoed the line between gratuitous gameplay and a scathing satire of modern America, which was no more apparent than when the character of Franklin interacted with cops.

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The police in the game have actually been coded to be a lot more hostile with Franklin than they are with either of the white protagonists.

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