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Young Money stars Nicki Minaj and Drake are two of the hottest MCs in hip-hop, and their relationship has some thinking that the pair are hooking up in ways beyond a label affiliation.

The stars were candid about their feelings for each other in recent interviews with MTV2's "Sucker Free Countdown" — and addressed rumors that their relationship isn't strictly platonic.

or even better have your employer also write to them expalining the circumstances.

your new i-94 is the one attached to your h1b approval..doesnt matter how long they stamp your visa.can stay in US till the date of the i-94 you got attached to your h1b approval notice Hello Friends, I have recently seen an excellent summary on this but now I am not able to find it. PD: Feb 2005, EB2 RD: 20th July 07 ND: 17 th Aug 07 Two letter answer to your question: NO, once you use EAD(full time or part-time), you loose H1b status. Your EAD / AP renewal is on the basis of your pending I485 application, it has nothing to do with the validity of your I485 or AC21 application. I got the approval for the renewal today...that mean USCIS is ok with my application (AC21) or they will verify it at the time of 485 adjudication? My understanding was American companies are setting up shops in India for cheap labor and still provide services for mostly American consumers and not Indians.

I am july 07 filer and I got RFE for EVL and that should be on companys letter head and a copy of it with job description and offer for full time with salary.

For the RFE I did an notarized translation of the doc and submitted it.

They just work randomly---there are so many June/July EAD filers who got their EADs approved in 3-4 weeks time frame, and then there are May filers (like me) who've just started seeing some approvals and some are still waiting with applications pending over 90 days. I received " Card Order� notification today for my case.wife's case is still pending.

Is tehre is any way for PREMIUM PROCESSING for I485 pending case?

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