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Shepard has said that, except for a year in high school when he used drugs (in 1992, leading to the police and his mother getting involved), he did not have a substance abuse problem until he was 18 years old.

He is best known for his work in the feature films Without a Paddle (2004), Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005), Employee of the Month (2006), Idiocracy (2006), Let's Go to Prison (2006), Hit and Run (2012), and CHi Ps (2017), the last pair of which he also wrote and directed, and the MTV practical joke reality series Punk'd (2003).He has served as their official Master of Ceremonies, along with his friend Tom Arnold, for the Inner-City Games and Hollenbeck Youth Center's Miracle on 1st Street Toy Giveaway Program in East Los Angeles. 3: "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" (Paramount) --Although it's technically not "Paranormal Activity 5," the latest entry in the found-footage horror franchise focuses on a Latino teen who becomes possessed by a malevolent spirit after making the cardinal horror movie sin of investigating a crime scene. 3: "The Best Offer" (Warner Bros.) -- Geoffrey Rush plays an eccentric European art auctioneer who develops an obsession with an heiress who hires him to auction off the large collection of art and antiques left to her by her parents.Featured guests on the show have included Kristen Bell, Ashton Kutcher, and Joy Bryant.On June 07, 2018 the show released their first episode of "Experts on Expert", in which Shepard and Padman interview experts in their fields.

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  1. As with the other stories in the series, a potential bride dies mysteriously and Adri finds hersel Each book can stand alone, but the reader will miss out on the relationship development between the main characters and her love interest if they're not read in order.