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The actress has been in high demand since her Find out more about the actress here: Michelle Fairley was born to Brian and Theresa Fairley in Coleraine, Northern Ireland on the 17th of January, 1964.As a young girl, she attended a Roman Catholic grammar school.While still on the show, Michelle also appeared on the third season of Michelle Fairley is currently single and does not have a husband.However, she was in a relationship with a man, whose identity is unknown, for over seven years which ended in 2012 when Michelle realized she wanted a change. Weiss, director David Nutter, and cast members Richard Madden (Rob Stark), Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark), and Oona Chaplin (Talisa) for an oral history of The Red Wedding.Nutter stressed shooting in sequence so that the actors could properly “build up the emotional journey of the sequence.” Fairley was especially grateful production decided to shoot chronologically. “By the end of the week, you were getting emotional.

"It’s something that anyone who’s read the books will talk about it. "There’s something incredibly dramatic and brutal about The Red Wedding, the shock of it.She was playing a loose adaptation of the author's Jeyne Westerling, a character who wasn't originally present at the Red Wedding."I knew it was going to deviate a little from the books," she explained.I met somebody who read it on the plane and they were so heartbroken they left the book on the plane.For an actor to be given that part to play you want to grab it and go straight into it."Oona Chaplin had a very different experience, since her character Talisa didn't technically exist in Martin's books.

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The series showcased Michelle’s talent and she was praised for her delicate yet commanding interpretation of the character.

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