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Back in 2018, it was accused of collecting email data through some of its Office apps in contravention of GDPR.There is often a perception that if users’ financial information is not compromised, the breach isn’t that serious, says Matthew Overton, corporate and commercial partner at law firm Joelson.“These people could be targeted with phishing scams pretending to be Microsoft support to encourage the person to install a virus on their PC - which could hold the person to ransom or lead to identity theft.”“Again, the cyber criminal could send scams to the victim tailored to the information they found inside the communication with Microsoft.For example, if the hacker knew the person was having a problem say upgrading to Windows 10, they could send the victim a ‘free Windows 10 upgrade’ email which would contain a virus.But then things got confusing.  Motherboard reported that the issue is in fact worse than originally thought: Hackers were able to access email content from a large number of Hotmail, MSN and Outlook accounts.Motherboard attributes this information to a source who had witnessed the attack in action.

Change your password; it’s easy and doesn’t take long.

This also applies to passwords of other accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and so on, if these use the same combination,” Alashe says. Always be cautious when you receive an email asking you to change your password or click on a link to enter credentials. In addition, hover your mouse over links and see where they lead.

And it’s never a good idea to open attachments if you weren’t expecting them or don’t know where they come from.

Anyone who has received a breach notification from Microsoft will be impacted.

The first comment from Microsoft said only high-level information was affected.

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