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New advances in OSL methods may push this limit towards ½ million years in the near future. The luminescence dating laboratory at Wits is the only one of its kind in southern Africa.

We have a range of specialist facilities, including We provide luminescence ages on a collaborative basis (co-authorship on publications using lab results). We would like to give advice on sampling strategies before fieldwork is attempted.

They are mounted on a base unit that takes the blows when the cylinder is hammered into the sediment, while also preventing mixing of loose sediment within the cylinder.

We are happy to lend the cylinders and the base unit for use within New Zealand.1.

Applications involve measurement of artificial radionuclides in sediments (such as Pb.

They will potentially have a long turnaround time, so please contact us for a time estimate when submitting samples.

We strongly encourage you to make contact with us prior to sample collection to: Only sediments that have been exposed to light or intense heat during deposition are datable by OSL, so please consider carefully if this applies to your material.

Heat can also reset the OSL signal, so in the case of archaeological material (pottery, bricks, ceramics, hearth stones), the event that is dated is the last time the material was heated above 300°C, e.g. OSL dating is usually performed on sand-sized grains of quartz (c.200 μm), although feldspar can also be used.

The lower age limit is around 30 years, the upper limit around 100-300 thousand years, depending on the sediment.

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