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But more important, realize that online dating poses some risks.

Julie Spira, author of “The Rules of Netiquette” and “The Perils of Cyber Dating,” offers this advice for protecting yourself. Think twice before posting that shirtless shot or bikini pic on your profile.

Showing too much skin “sends a message that you might be looking for casual sex,” Spira says.

You can still wear something sexy, just not , she notes. Private investigators know how easy it is to track down a person, including where they live, with the help of just a few personal details.

But now, with the creation of dating apps for smart phones, it’s become easier for people to fall in love at first tap.

Tap of the phone, that is.“Apps are the new rage,” says Julie Spira, a leading online dating expert and author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love.”Ms.

It’s fine to share your favorite books, foods or movies along with your dream vacation and hopes for the future.

Just don’t share identifying info — your last name, your birth date or even seemingly innocuous information like where you went to college or the neighborhood you live in.

And the market is expected to double to more than 5.3 million by 2017. While the traditional sites have always been around, dating apps have caused these sites to change or expand their platforms.Also, listen carefully — does the person sound like a guy pretending to be a girl? Spend too long in the email stage establishing what feels like an intimate connection with someone you think you know, and you risk bitter disappointment when (and if) you finally meet in person. Many online daters have at least one horror story to share. “Most people aren’t scamming you, but the biggest mistake is not taking that from online to real life as soon as possible,” Spira says. Scratch the romantic encounter by the lake or dinner at their house, no matter what delicacies your suitor offers to cook you. Order your drink from the bar rather than letting your date get it for you, and don’t let it out of your sight. Give yourself an out in case of a particularly awful date by keeping a friend on call. You can tell your date anything you like about the “emergency” you need to deal with — then excuse yourself politely and make your exit. Spira’s final advice is to pay attention to your comfort level and B. Marc Lesnick, the founder of i Date, an annual trade show for the online dating industry, called apps a “disrupter” to traditional online dating sites.“Digital dating is heading in a million different directions,” he says.“My philosophy is the following: If you’re an online dating site and don’t have a mobile dating app or a mobile version by about this time next year, you will be out of business.”Balazs Alexa, the co-founder of website Date My School, wrote in an e-mail interview that new apps are “indeed a threat but usually profitable and large incumbents can defend themselves easily.”“Also, online dating is not like the auto market: every user may be a member of several platforms at the same time or shortly one after the other – we call that ‘multi homing.’ So competition is a little different from traditional industries,” he says.

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