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Pyroclastic flows move more like a dense, low-viscosity gas pouring down a slope and even move upslope if they have enough momentum; their downslope velocities often exceed 100 km (60 miles) per hour.

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In millennia past, the area had been covered by up to three feet of ash, which moved at “hurricane speeds” and boasted terrifyingly-hot temperatures as it flew across the country.

Doctor Hank Heasler, park geologist at Yellowstone, said: “This ash when it comes up is maybe about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.“So very hot and then it moves laterally at hurricane force winds and that’s what causes a wide zone of destruction.”Denver is home 600,000 people with as many as two million others living in the metro area surrounding Colorado’s capital.

Salt Lake City, located one state west in Utah, is another major conurbation at risk form a Yellowstone volcanic eruption.

The greater the viscosity and the greater the stirring of the liquid (as by rapid flow down a steep slope), the greater the tendency for the material to change from pahoehoe to aa. These resemble aa in having tops consisting largely of loose rubble, but the fragments are more regular in shape, most of them polygons with fairly smooth sides.At the front of the flow, clinkers from the top roll down and are overridden by the pasty centre layer, like a tread on an advancing bulldozer.Pahoehoe and aa flows from the same erupting vent are usually identical in chemical composition.Pahoehoe lava flows are fed almost wholly internally by streams of liquid lava flowing beneath a solidified or partly solidified surface.Typically, the margin of a pahoehoe flow advances by protruding one small toe or lobe after another.clinkers.

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Thick flows, which remain hot for long periods, may lose most of their gas before the lava congeals, and the resulting rock may be dense with few vesicles.

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