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Thus, the analysis of the spectrum of a given meteor can provide distinct information about the plasm, the ablation process and the chemical composition of the meteoroid (Borovička 1993, 1994a; Trigo-Rodríguez et al.

2003) and even relevant information about its parent body.

These elements were inserted inside two PVC tubes, which allow the whole set to be handled and moved without any relevant optical disturbances.

The upper part of the tube is covered by 1-mm-thick float glass and with the same diameter as the tube, in order to correctly fit and being sealed with a special silicon cord for glass and exterior.

Early on, Halliday (1961), Ceplecha (1971) and Borovička (1994a) provided significant identification lists of lines in high-dispersion photographic spectra.

Meteor emission lines can be divided into two components according to their temperature (high and low) (Borovička 1994b).

Two CCD cameras with different configurations have been used for each of the spectrographs. On the other hand, a 50 mm f/1.2 Nikon objective that provides a field of view of 15° is also attached to the Atik 11000 CCD via an adapter cap.

Protection systems for the spectrographs have been specifically designed and created for this set of elements, as per the dimensions and needs of each device.

They serve as fastening and anchoring for the cameras and optical systems.

In the first experimental and test phase, adaptors with different height overlapping rings threaded between the CCD detector and the objective were placed to obtain the adequate focal length that would allow us to get sharp images.

The complete set forms a small autonomous observatory, comprised of a sealed box with a sliding roof, weather station and computers for data storing and reduction.

Since 2014, several meteors have been studied using this facility, such as the Alcalá la Real fireball recorded on 30 September 2016. Photographic techniques have been used to study meteor spectra since the end of the nineteen century (Millman 1980), and transmission gratings started to replace prisms in meteor spectrographs since the 1950s.

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Each of them is composed by a CCD camera with a wide-field telephoto lens, a holographic diffraction grating and adequate protection against weather (Fig. Both the CCDs and the lenses are different models, and thus, we have had to adopt two different settings in order to obtain two images simultaneously, with different spectral resolution each other.

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