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While the others comfort a distraught Calvin, the Enchanted Princess (Parker) climbs out of a manhole and gets hit by a taxi, with Calvin catching her as they immediately fall in love with each other.

Juney guesses that she is a princess thrown out of her kingdom by an evil witch, the Princess explains that she's a "demented homeless chick who lives in the sewers" due to consuming "lots and lots and lots of mind-altering, enchanting drugs!

" After getting into a dance off with the Princess's Princely pimp, the heroes flee when a tornado appears with Iron Man (Gerrard Fachinni), Hellboy (Barinholtz), and the Hulk (Roland Kickinger) attempting to fight the natural disaster and being knocked down by its projectile cows.

When they find shelter, Calvin gets a call on his shoe phone from Lisa's mother, who is informed about Lisa's death and how Calvin has found someone hotter than Lisa.

" The film was not as commercially successful as previous Friedberg/Seltzer movies.

Against a ,000,000 budget, it grossed ,190,901 domestically and ,492,474 internationally for a total of ,683,375 worldwide,.

They meet the girls, who claim to have first grabs and Juney beats a drag queen version of Carrie Bradshaw (Jason Boegh) for the garage.Meanwhile, Will and Amy run into Beowulf (Barinholtz), who fights Will in the nude.After Beowulf is defeated, Will and Amy meet Will's father (Tony Cox) and Will returns the Crystal Skull to its altar, averting further destruction.The nominations were for: Worst Picture, Worst Supporting Actress (Electra), Worst Supporting Actress (Kardashian), Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel.Kardashian acknowledged her nomination on her blog, where she graciously commented, "It's an honor just being nominated!

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  1. Her son is badly injured.“He was a fighter with the resistance army and they were removing a roadblock the regime set up on the street when he was hit by a missile,” she explains. He has had three surgeries and needs another one.”Her daughter Aya is their best hope.“My daughter is willing to sacrifice herself for her family,” Nezar says.