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"Jo, I really have no words that could describe how I’m feeling 😢, but THANK YOU for sharing your love, support, spirit, kindness and smile with me and so many of us over the years," Anthony began his touching tribute alongside an old photo of the pair beaming at the camera.Anthony Callea was born 13 of December 1982 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Do you plan to go down the same path as your character on House Husbands and raise children together?Never say never but it’s not really in the foreseeable future.However, there are counter-arguments that the methods of counting an album’s success are outdated. In the year of 2016, there are numerous options, both legal and illegal, of how to measure the success of music albums.Downloading an album from Torrent sites should also count, just like streaming music via You Tube and other streaming services.However, last month it was announced that Campbell’s character has been written out of the Nine drama and will not return for the third season.I caught up with the 38-year-old to chat about his album, the shock announcement of his departure from the show and his off-air relationship with singer Anthony Callea. Well I’ve just lost 10 bucks at the races, thanks to your tip! It’s funny because I’ve been asked to record an album before and I always thought that I’ve been so busy hosting shows, acting and everything else in between.

But Anthony Callea, who is a long-time advocate for same-sex marriage, admits he was disappointed by the plebiscite, saying that he finds this whole thing “disgusting.”, came out as gay in 2007 and that same year he started dating singer Tim Campbell, whom he married in 2014.

But nonetheless, is the first time his album debuted at No.

1 in 11 years, after his self-titled album debuted in first place in 2005.

is Anthony Callea’s fifth studio album and was released on September 16.

And even though the album debuted at number one in Australia, the media says the album is still a “failure.”But the media’s logic is that Anthony Callea’s album sales did not reflect the album’s number one position. And the media slamming Anthony Callea’s new album is not the first instance when charts don’t really reflect the reality of what’s going in the music industry.

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