Updating hardware information database zes

Bug 928624 Mozilla or other Vendors missing from the Subscription download page for patch management Bug 928788 Slow ZCC viewing Bundle status after applying Cumulative Patch Bug 928981 analyze not run after reboot after patch policy with suppressreboot Bug 929031 FDE Support for Samsung EVO 850 MZ -75E290 random ZENworks Windows Service crash Bug 931275 Inventory scan (Colw32) stucks and causes High Utilization Bug 931719 No help online for Dashboard and Trending Page / Save patch status history (Warning: This can cause large database usage) Bug 932058 Random decryption of device - ALERT!!!

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Bug 918707 Changing a dynamic workstation group causes database locking on MS SQL Bug 918730 ZENworks Icons not appearing in the "Taskbar" Bug 918873 Various communication problems when going via Join Proxy Device comes unmanaged Bug 918940 ZDevice OSTARGETS not handling Win2k8 R2 Datacenter -- (ZPM/ Incorrect DAU assigned to Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter) Bug 919583 novell-zenworks-fde-sec- to install on upgrade from 11.2.3a Bug 919625 img calculates the partition size incorrectly and overwrites the partition size Bug 919954 Missing documentation on how ZEN CASA and Traditional CASA and zencache behave Bug 920228 Explanation of 'Enable DAU caching' is missing from docs and ZCC Help Bug 920520 Linux/Mac agent stores proxy password in clear txt Bug 920661 Demotion of satellite servers and removing satellite server are not working from zone is not working for older versions Bug 920740 Reporting Server Jaspersoft can't search for ldap 2500 groups for admin group Bug 920935 Additional update to Audit DB documentation is needed Bug 921131 MS Freak fix breaks agent communications Bug 921847 DB blocking due to slow AD connectivity Bug 922306 status files in the collection/status folder are not deleted Bug 922389 console novell-zenworks-uninstall on mac has error on output line Bug 922688 Changing patch policy assignments is very slow Bug 923087 Post sysprep Windows error after ZEN imaging, when ZCM was updated 11.2.3 - 11.3.61 Zone Unresponsive due to Patch management records insert is SLOW because of Sequences Issue in ORACLE ("enq: SQ – contention") Bug 923220 Loader is not able to process inventory data because of ORA-02215 Agent cleanup logs prints the password. Bug 924364 Inventory scan does not run on schedule since 11.3.1 upgrade Bug 924388 Uploading Win PE files from WAIK/WADK for third party imaging, modifies original from toolkit Bug 924389 Rerun install or upgrade stops without error in non-English locale Bug 924527 Passthrough / Seamless offline Authentication is not working with Credential Provider disabled and third party FDE Credential Provider in control.

Bug 923423 ZPM Error Code: 45 is not listed in documentation. Bug 924697 Scheduled Event type "Device Shutdown" should not be displayed in Help page.

Bug 860670 Jasper ZRS install SMTP Blank Password Bug 860672 Jasper ZRS install can't use wildcard certificates Bug 863738 ZR uninstaller enables firewall in GUI Bug 864969 ZCM Software reconciliation report numbers do not match for office suite and the components.

Bug 866752 ZCM 11.3 Update or new installation fails to create new Audit Database when using MSSQL Database Server Bug 866939 Importing puchase record for existing product does not update licensed product count Bug 867511 11.3 Upgrade failure on Sybase due to Inventory normalization Bug 868632 Update to 11.3 fails on MSSQL server when database is configured to use a different language but English Bug 869418 Enh: Ability to change the FDE Splash Screen Bug 870009 zac ci returns different information when run on Windows, OSX, and Linux Bug 870908 ZRS 5 install allows domain user to be entered Bug 871458 On xplat Bundle "Retry Launch" popup Not Being Displayed on non session 02 Bundle folder in start menu opens very slow Bug 872658 Unable to rerun appliance upgrade wizard Bug 872784 ZRS 5 need to configure Jasper to point to a non Authenticated smtp server Bug 874952 NALWIN process exits slow while connected with Novell Client Bug 877630 After upgrade of the suite all the subcomponents of the suite are also getting un-installed Bug 877990 NALWIN splash screen stays for 2 minutes Bug 878367 Initial-Web-Services (IWS) file needs to be maintained Bug 879435 Virtual appliance migration doesn't migrate file xml from /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/datamodel/authsource Bug 880084 Nexthink executable not collected Bug 880428 Policies do not take affect when "process immediately if unable to execute on schedule" flag is used.

Bug 913423 Auditing not stopping once Audit Events are deleted Bug 913610 DLU fails if the rights are configured for a non existing folder Bug 914013 Apply Assigned Imaging Bundle action does not apply inherited preboot bundle assignments Bug 914087 Inventory CDF stops launching if Autodesk 2014 bundle is installed and a full scan has completed.

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Bug 880545 Bundles do not execute in a correct user context until the agent is refreshed few times Bug 884561 novell-zislnx on Appliance Server popping up message on the console Bug 880747 Java Control Panel is not displayed properly during remote control on Windows XP Bug 880748 SU Report dates are wrong Bug 881073 License Products Allocation standard report need to be enhanced Bug 881735 Appliance migration does not shut down the "old" appliance once completed Bug 881741 Location Change Notifications are in English on a French Windows Device Bug 882365 Linux satellite jetty services hang with the authentication role. Bug 890862 Setting registry value with name Default Bug 890932 ZENworks does not recognize environment variable changes when set for the system environment.

Bug 882417 launching zac with UAC enabled as an Run As Administrator it throws an error Bug 882518 Install allows [email protected] for the LDAP user Bug 884134 Can't install ZRS Jasper when common folders are redirected Bug 885037 Wrong results from ZCC device query Bug 885425 Remote management plugin not working on SLE(D) 11 SP3 with Firefox 66 ZDC needs to identify extraneous modules Bug 885659 Postponed System Update Fails after manual computer restart Bug 886979 Audit database fails to run schema because there is no audit admin assigned to the audit db until after a few minutes. Bug 891693 Not able to create a filter for the column last contact date on ZCM and ZRS5 systems in French Bug 892010 bad count on rebuild packages from SU Bug 892479 Slow image restore in Dell Optiplex 7018 Content replication schedule is not following set schedule if no content is available.

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