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Alternatively, you can look under Control Panel - System to see the status of the machine.To check if your copy of Windows 7 is activated, hit Start, right click the “Computer” option, and then select the “Properties” command.You can always reinstall a Windows 10 version after the update is done if you want to use something other than Windows Defender.The Windows 10 update tool is pretty straight forward, and you can find the download right here.The resulting window shows if your copy of Windows is activated.Hopefully, you’re already backing up your PC regularly.Read on as we walk you through the upgrade process.While there is something to be said for a pristine new clean installation, there’s also something to be said for upgrading your OS and keeping your applications, files, and folder structures all in place.

We zoomed to 100 percent in a matter of minutes on a speedy cable connection, but if you’re on a slow connection you might be watching the meter for some time.

When you’re ready to upgrade, run the installer tool (named Media Creation Tool) to get started.

You’ll first be prompted to upgrade the PC now, or create installation media for another PC.

RELATED: Some third party antivirus tools have been known to interfere with the Windows update process.

It’s better to turn them off or uninstall them before performing your update.

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If you’re running a 32-bit version of Windows and want to move to 64-bit, you’ll have to do a clean install instead.

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