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She also speaks about her allegedly abusive relationship with Rison, while running her fingers across a sinister carving of the word "HATE" on her forearm.There's also footage that eerily foreshadows Lopes' accident.The next day Left Eye turned herself in and was charged with felony arson.She was later on released on ,000 bail and rehab.The younger Rison transferred last year from his father’s alma mater, Michigan State University, and sat out the 2018 season at Kansas State.

It is a brutal look into the star's mind-set at the time of her death.She describes feeling like she's being followed by a spirit, and believing the spirit is trying to kill her, but got the young boy instead. The footage of the final moments of her life were recovered from the wreckage and is played at the end of film; the screams of the other passengers in the vehicle are haunting.To this day, Watkins and Thomas, who continue to perform, have refused to replace Lopes. When asked in an interview with , Watkins said: "Never, never." Thomas responded, "Oh god no. Kansas State wide receiver Hunter Rison has been suspended indefinitely following a Friday arrest on domestic battery charges, according to the Mercury.

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