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The host of 'Millionaire's Matchmaker' - a dating show that attempts to pair up wealthy men with potential spouses - is "sorry" for her comments on Bravo...

Patti Stanger, the American entrepreneur and host of 'Millionaire Matchmaker', caused a Twitter outcry on Sunday (26th September 2011) after a controversial appearance on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live' during which she made questionable statements...

"If you think you can do better in this town, you can't! She has a masters from Purdue, she's no doubt very smart.

But, it's safe to say that in general, New York women of substance do what a New York woman wears to hear a talk at the 92 Y or to a museum gala.

Courses in figure study include: Fee: 0 for 8 weeks In this multi-level class students will learn to master the classical figure sculpture technique from a live model.

We will cover the use of clay tools, clay body chemistry, basic armature construction, anatomy, and clay hollowing and firing technique.

The figure program at The Fire Arts Center stresses mastery of the classical techniques of sculpting the humans form in clay and wax.

One thing's for certain: Patti doesn't understand her new demographic. Patti Stanger would be a lot happier if she came to terms with the fact that New York women aren't like Beverly Hills women.This just goes to show that Patti really didn't know what she was looking for when she came to cast in New York.She's been lamenting the lack of quality women in New York, and this is supposedly one of the only examples she could come up with? Women In New York are surrounded by Fashion every day, and therefore don't need their dates to pick out their clothes.So a random dinner in the completely empty, vault-like rooms of the New York Public Library isn't romantic, it's bizarre.Just cause Carrie Bradshaw thought it was sooo romantic, doesn't mean everyone else will. Girls move to New York for college, to pursue careers in the arts, in fashion, in business.

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