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has become a staple show in the world of reality television.The series has successfully grown from two or three shows to an entire franchise with just under 10 different shows spanning multiple cities!She now works as a marketing coordinator for Ajilon, a professional staffing company.Not only does she have a new job, but she has a new name and baby too!Today, Gigi and her sister, Bella Hadid are dominating the modeling industry.

I could see her daughters telling her the same thing at some point. Somone asked Lynne if her daughter is still in “the entertainment industry.” According to Lynne her daughters are great and not stripping anymore. Isn’t she the nurse that started all the drama with The View?

has a loyal fan base, which is one of the reasons it has done so well.

Dating back to 2006 when the first show hit the air, we’ve seen a lot of cast members come and go since then and many women presently on the show have been there from the beginning.

Gigi is currently in a high profile relationship with singer Zayn Malik and has many famous friends like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. When we first saw Pandora make an appearance on the show she was settled into her life as an young adult in a serious relationship with her now-husband, Jason.

Today, she’s 30-years-old and now a businesswoman like her mother.

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