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Apparently they spent Christmas eve together at a party hosted by Sooyoung’s older sister and earlier that day Jung Kyung Ho was seen entering a Chanel store and picking up a present for his honey.The fact that they belong to the same church and are spending holidays with family members bolsters the timing of their dating to quite a ways back rather than recently like Yoona and Seung Gi.Their agencies have admitted the relationship but it’s the strangest confirmation ever.

Sooyoung made her singing debut in the Korean-Japanese girl group, Route 0, which was active from 2002 until 2003.Yeah right, like SM doesn’t have their artists under 24/7 surveillance.Jung Kyung Ho’s agency is even worse and claimed that it twice denied he was dating Sooyoung because that was what Jung Kyung Ho told them.T-T Please make more drama or movie to her cause I'm in love with her acting and her fashion huehehehe. And make sure that the lead actor has the same age with her (or not too far age gap) and handsome and tall.

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  1. I remember one time where the wrong girls name was said (first name was same/initial of last name was wrong) but they let her stay anyway. Comment: I know there are plenty of “Reader Email” columns you’d have to go back and look through in the archives to find the answer, but I’ve answered it numerous times, and I’ve deflected the question numerous times. You yourself said that they are virtually held prisoner in their hotels until their respective dates.