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Another point that the hair stylist made was to optimize the booking strategy and every salon's need of a website.

That helps to set oneself apart from competitors and highlight the person as a stylist and they can influence clients to book services.

Later, she moved to London to continue her training for the next three years.

Coffey opened her own salon, Industrie Hair Gurus, in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

And this is how you know Tabatha has had one of the most successful salon business.

As a woman who never hid her sexuality defining herself as openly lesbian, Tabatha has a very trusty partner by her side who supports her through pretty much everything from behind the curtains.

And while she hasn’t bothered to reveal the identity of her girlfriend, Tabatha sure has some nice things to say about her same-sex relationship, going to the extent of confessing that in her heart, she is already married to her partner.

Tabatha joined a four-year apprenticeship program to learn more on hair styling which led to her moving to London for her training of three years.

She also styles clients at the Warren-Tricomi salon in West Hollywood.

Her approach is transformative, creating a special look for each individual, unlike other stylists who specialize in a certain look.

Oh and don’t be too confused, she and her girlfriend aren’t actually married.

Tabatha feels that marriage is a huge thing, whether it’s same-sex or straight marriage, so it doesn’t look like she’ll be introducing her wife any soon.

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